Juliet Davies

Juliet Davies (Pednor)

Chairman Councillor

Before moving to Buckinghamshire in 1996, I lived in London and had worked for Liberty’s as Head of Merchandising for its Branch Operation until 1991. Now I tutor in Latin and occasionally Greek and, having previously run a free after-school Latin club at Great Missenden Primary School for 13 years on a voluntary basis, I have recently set up an after school Latin Club at Dr Challoner’s Grammar School. I have also taught Latin at Dr Challoner’s High School. In the last 16 years I have run clubs at Quainton Primary, Hawridge and Cholesbury Primary and Chesham Preparatory Schools. I have four children, who have all attended local schools, and a chocolate Labrador. In the past, I have reported to the Parish Council on School Transport. I am especially interested in the problems which arise in the Pednor area, where I have lived since 2001, in particular the issue of salt piles for safe winter driving on all the single track un-gritted lanes of our parish. I have been a Parish Councillor since 2008 and became chair in 2016.
Ellie White

Ellie White (Chartridge)

Vice Chair Councillor

I have lived at Chartridge End Farm all my life and consider it a great privilege to be able to work and raise a family in such a wonderful locality. As a Councilor, I am keen to maintain the environment and facilities in our parish for all ages. I work full time on our family farm but also enjoy spending time with my family and walking the fantastic countryside of the Chilterns.

Alan Booth

Alan Booth (Chartridge)


I have lived in the Chilterns for more than a decade. Prior to that I spent time in London and Cardiff, grew up next to the Peak District on the outskirts of Sheffield and also lived in Leeds, Brussels, Belgium and Sydney, Australia.
Running a small business providing newspaper, magazine and graphic design services, my career has primarily been in the print media, working for a long time at Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal with a smaller stint at the Sunday Times — among other publications. Elected in May 2015, as a Green councillor, I am passionate about environmental politics, sustainability, clean and renewable energy. As a business owner — which is ‘virtual’ — I believe in the roll-out of reliable, affordable, high-speed broadband options in rural areas and the expansion of tele-working. Married with three children, I take part in community activities through the residents’ association, also helping to set-up and run the weekly café from the Chartridge Reading Rooms, on Wednesday mornings. In my spare time I swim and I coach rugby league, to under 10s, with the Hemel Stags.

Joan Lherbier

Joan Lherbier (Asheridge)


I have lived in Chartridge Parish on and off all my life and now live in my childhood home in Asheridge. I have been a councillor since 2003. I represent the Parish Council on Bucks County Council’s Local Area Forum and at meetings of our Neighbourhood Policing Team. My particular interest is in “on the ground” projects such as the current work to open up a footpath in Bellingdon to ramblers with mobility difficulties and, as another example, our successful battle in 2006 to have Asheridge put back onto a winter salting route and to keep it there. Before leaving the area for a while I worked at Chesham Police Station as a civilian communications officer, a grand title for telephonist and radio operator! My husband is French and we brought up our family in France, where I taught English in schools. I have two daughters, a stepson and three grandchildren. When my husband retired, we returned to Asheridge and I started my own company, French teaching and translation. I focus particularly on teaching and coaching children and teenagers.

Tim Corvin

Tim Corvin (Bellingdon)


have lived in Bellingdon for more than 10 years with my wife and our two children having moved here from Amersham where we were for the previous 10 years.

As well as being aware of many of the local issues from our familiarity with the area we are actively involved the community through our involvement with Bank Farm Riding for the Disabled Association in Bellingdon, where our children learnt to ride about 15 years ago and my wife Helena is a Trustee.

I currently work at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College in London having spent the previous 20 years as a Design and Innovation Consultant to large multinational companies.

My particular interests are sustainability, wildlife, architecture, transport and how traditional country life can be evolved to meet the needs of the community and the wider World for the future.

Lee Kemp (Chartridge)


I have lived in Chartridge Parish for 20 years now and feel very lucky to live in such a great place with access to so many different footpaths and beautiful countryside. 

I have a particular interest in the benefits nature brings and feel strongly that we should all strive to protect it as best we can

Naresh Mistry (Chartridge)


My family and I moved into Chartridge in July 2019, six months before lockdown, before which we had been residents of Chesham for more than 15 years. 

What is really important to me is creating a community where people feel safe, supported, and can help one another. I also feel it is important for us to look after our local environment and make best use of local facilities.

I try my best to get involved in local activities, support local initiatives and get to know and help members of the community. I’ve found that success comes when the various community groups in the Parish work together

Annie Fuller (Asheridge)

Andrew Savvides (Bellingdon)


My family and I moved to Bellingdon in March 2022 after living in Pinner for 20 years. We were warmly received by our neighbours and the community within Bellingdon.

I love walking and exploring the beauty that the Chiltern Hills has to offer and its refreshing to be at one with nature, rather than the daily struggle of the hustle and bustle that Harrow has become.

With 2 daughters living at university, I decided to offer my time and help our wonderful community, to support it and make it a better place if possible

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