Chartridge Parish Council was formed in 1899. Before this Chartridge, Asheridge and Bellingdon were part of Chesham parish. We have seen no fewer than 30 Chairs since 1899, the most recently appointed being Juliet Davies, Chair since 2016. Today the population within the parish is close to 2000.

What do we do today

We are part of the Chiltern & South Bucks area of Buckinghamshire Council. We aim to work closely with the three Bucks Councillors Patricia Birchley, Jane MacBean and Mohammad Fayyaz. These working relationships are key to securing support for the community be it a new salt/grit bin for a specific area, new or repaired road surfaces, dog poo bins for popular footpaths. We also do our best to share information with the community via the 5 noticeboards within the parish and the website.

As much as possible we are proactive and have worked with local services and organisations to:

  • keep a watchful eye on traffic speeding – The Council is in the process of purchasing another MVAS for the Parish which will be located in Bellingdon, with the current MVAS located in Asheridge. Bucks Council have also confirmed that a non-moveable VAS will soon be situated on Chartridge Lane.
  • The Council has also set up a Community Speedwatch program working closely with Thames Valley Police.
  • maintain roadside verges and hedges – through a devolved service agreement with BCC we maintain the roadside grips
  • road maintenance – every six weeks our clerk meets with the local area technician and feeds back on road repair
  • Local policing – we have good ongoing relations with the local police and meet with them 4 times a year to understand how crime being managed and feedback on experiences from within the villages

Parish Wards

Councillor Profiles

The Chartridge ward incorporates Pednor.
Cllr Davies – Pednor
Cllrs Booth, Mistry, Kemp and White – Chartridge

Cllr Corvin and Savvides

Cllrs Lherbier and Simmons

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